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Valentine’s Day is approaching, and with it the thought of romance.

How to find the perfect gift for your mate? This can be quite a task. Wandering around different shops, the dilemma between several options and the abundance of offers are a trial for most gentlemen.

A survey of Americans by a cosmetic surgery website reports a spike in visits from men seeking advice on whether to gift a cosmetic procedure to their halves for Valentine’s Day. The most frequently asked question is: “What beauty treatments can I give my beloved to make her happy?”.

The administrators of the site made a poll among 2500 ladies.

78% of respondents said they would be very impressed by such a gift. About 15% will remain “satisfied”. 7 per cent abstained from answering.

Here, women no longer enjoy the traditional beautiful bouquet and a box of chocolates.

The most desirable gift turns out to be laser hair removal. Followed by beauty treatments, face, neck and décolleté massages. And finally the skin peel and lip enhancements.

An amazing gift in Varna

It’s no secret that every lady would love some time to herself. Give it to her!

With the help of our laser hair removal in Varna you will have smooth and beautiful skin not only for Valentine’s Day, but forever.

Body hair is removed after only 6 treatments. Save money and time from the obligatory frequent shaving, waxing and epilator. Forget about the pain, irritated and red skin.

Studio “Impulse” works with one of the best medical lasers for hair removal – Diode Laser Elysion-Pro. Its secret lies in selectively attacking the pigment of the hair follicle, namely melanin. The device produces laser pulses that thermally destroy the follicle cells. And most importantly, this method is completely harmless to the skin. The procedure is completely painless and gentle on the skin. This is due to a special cooling system “crystal freeze”, which does not allow the skin to feel the high temperatures with which the device works. The constant temperature of the tip of the device is 6 degrees, which ensures comfort during the entire procedure. No recovery period is required after it. It is desirable to keep out of the sun for three days before and after the treatment itself.

With the Spanish diode laser Elysion-Pro the treated area becomes not only more tender and rejuvenated.

Delight your fair half in an original way on the day of love

Give her a glowing skin for Valentine’s Day at the Impulse Laser Studio!

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