Is there an effect of laser hair removal on light hairs?

Laser hair removal will have an effect on light hairs containing dark pigment. The effect will be very slight or none at all on fine hairs that are light blonde, red, grey or white. These hairs will not contain enough pigment for the laser to penetrate.

The laser uses the dark pigment of the hair(melanin) as a target. The more melanin a hair contains, the more heat it will absorb from the laser beam. When the laser beam reaches the skin, the beam’s light is conducted into the hair shaft and intense heat descends to the hair follicle. This heat attack interrupts the blood and oxygen supply to the hair shaft.

For lasers to work effectively on lighter hairs, they need to be used at a higher intensity. Professional medical laser equipment allows the use of more intense laser beams in the safest way possible for your skin. Thanks to their built-in cooling systems, they keep your skin at a normal temperature, shooting heat attacks into the inside of your hair shaft.

The density of the hair also determines the effectiveness of the procedure.

How many treatments will it take for lighter hair?

Even with lighter hairs, fantastic results are possible with the medical laser, but it may take a little longer to achieve them. For most clients with light hair, the number of treatments can reach up to 8 or more. We will only advise you and start laser treatments if we are sure that your hair colour is dark enough to be affected by the laser.

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