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What is laser hair removal?

The laser emits light (energy) that removes hair in a selective manner, attacking hair in the anagen phase (growth phase). The pulses of the laser are absorbed by the melanin of the hair and are taken to the root, which is destroyed by strong heating without any harmful effects on the surrounding tissues.

Laser hair removal has only been practiced in the world for about 17 years. It is quite normal that after a quality laser hair removal session, the duration of the effect is more than 10 years (after the last procedure).

In other words, with successful therapy, hair in the treated areas should not appear for 10 years or more!

Not only the device is important, but also the therapist who performs the procedure. A good knowledge of hair anatomy and the anatomy of the device itself is essential for the efficacy of the procedure and the safety of your health.

Laser hair removal is extremely effective for all areas:

laser hair removal of underarms

, upper lip laser hair removal,

laser hair removal of the face


laser hair removal on legs


laser hair removal intimate (bikini area)


The good news is

With Prime Lase, you can have laser treatments all year round without interrupting your session. One of the few devices that are suitable for treating unwanted hair even in the summer season.


The effectiveness of laser hair removal can be affected by various factors:

How to prepare for laser hair removal?

The method of hair removal before the procedure should be by shaving or cream – depilatory. If you have used waxing or any other method of plucking the hairs, you should wait about 12 days before the procedure, during which time it is fine to use the above methods. It is recommended that the area be shaved the day before the procedure.

Do not treat areas with tattoos as the tattoo may become damaged, as well as areas with moles. The procedure can be performed in an area that is at least 2.5 cm away from the tattoo. Procedures are not applied to testicles in men.

Laser hair removal can be contraindicated in pregnancy, eczema, dermatitis and hepatitis!

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    Laser hair removal has been available worldwide as a method of removing unwanted hair for about 20 years, and so far there has been no known case of skin cancer due to laser hair removal treatment. Laser energy has been used in medicine for almost 50 years and has proven to be absolutely harmless.


    Absolutely impossible! The pulse is so weak that the deepest place it can penetrate is about 7 mm to 1 cm into the hair shaft. It does not reach the hair bulb. The technology of the laser is designed so that the light is transformed into heat and it actually reaches and destroys the hair bulb. It is impossible for the impulse to reach any internal organ.


    There is no evidence to suggest that laser hair removal can directly or indirectly cause infertility due to the specifics of the technology. Since the pulse is extremely weak, it cannot in any way affect the ovaries, uterus or any other internal organ.

    Myths about laser hair removal