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GentleLase Pro Candela - the best alexandrite laser

Александритен Лазер във Варна - Candela Gentle Lase Pro

GENTLE LASE PRO CANDELA is the best medical alexandrite laser in the world.

It is the gold standard in laser hair removal and the most advanced laser hair removal system.

GentleLase Pro Candela is the fastest alexandrite laser with the shortest pulse duration – only 3 milliseconds.

GentleLase Pro Candela features a patented, cooling cryostructure system that makes the procedure one of the most painless compared to all other hair removal methods. Laser hair removal with alexandrite laser does not use contact gel, as with most models of hair removal lasers.

treatments with alexandrite

Each treatment lasts from 2 to 30 minutes depending on the size of the treated area.

89% less hair after a course of about 6 treatments!

Laser hair removal with Gentle Lase Pro Candela is suitable for all skin types and all areas: upper lip and chin, underarms, legs, intimate area, arms, back, chest, full body.

effect of laser hair removal

The only alexandrite laser in the world that successfully destroys thin and light hairs.

GentleLase Pro Candela removes subcutaneous and inverted hairs.

permanent hair removal

Gentle Lase PRO Candela is based technology with more than 2 decades of industrial experience, which guarantees quality and fast results in the conducted sessions. Minimal risk and discomfort.

Primelase - the most powerful diode laser for hair removal

Диоден лазер във Варна - Prime Lase Cocoon

Primelase laser hair removal device is a diode laser platform with the highest peak power among the known diode lasers in the aesthetic sector – up to 4800W. It offers a very good combination of high power wavelengths and ultra short pulse durations.

The laser has a wide penetration range, thus offering the best solution for all skin and hair types.

The device offers unrivalled results from the very first session. The main difference between it and other diode laser platforms is that it allows the use of short pulses with high controlled energy and speed for maximum results. The unit guarantees high levels of safety, cost-effectiveness and efficiency during operation.

cooling for laser hair removal without pain

Primelase uses the “crystal freeze” epidermis cooling system. It automatically adjusts the temperature during epilation to make the procedure safe and painless for customers. Allows cooling of the area between pulses.

The system maintains a constant temperature of +5 degrees Celsius on the surface of the applicator, regardless of the temperature in the room or the temperature of the skin itself.

advantages of diode laser

  • the world’s most powerful diode laser
  • painless hair removal
  • can be used all year round, even in summer
  • protects the skin from heating and targets only the hair follicle
  • extremely powerful and precise in its parameters
  • successfully removes thin hairs – moss type
  • removes dark and thick hairs as well as lighter and thinner hairs
  • 3 days after exposure to active sun or solarium you can now undergo hair removal
  • suitable for dark and tanned skins

why exactly this diode laser


Suitable for dark and tanned skins. Suitable for deep seated hair follicles

Hair removal without restrictions

The manipulation is completely safe, painless and tolerant to the skin when performed by a professional. Patients feel a slight prickling and warming. Side effects of laser hair removal with diode laser are minimal, and depend on the sensitivity of the skin. Most often a slight redness occurs, which passes quickly.

The number of treatments is influenced by your skin phototype, hair color, the area being treated and the specifics of each client. The duration of the sessions depends on the area being treated, but varies between 2 minutes for the upper lip to 1 hour for the whole leg.

диоден лазер за епилация
обезкосмени крака - мерки преди лазерната епилация

Measures before laser hair removal

  • Do not epilate the waxed areas, at least 12 days before the procedure
  • Avoid sun exposure to the treated area (tanning bed), at least 3 days before and after the procedure
  • It is recommended not to use artificial tanning lotions a week before the procedure.
  • It is recommended that the area be shaved the day before the procedure
  • A high factor sunscreen is recommended for prevention.

Frequently Asked Questions

and their answers

Laser hair removal is energy that is absorbed by the hair’s melanin, converting it into heat. It is carried along the hair follicle to the root, breaking its connection with blood vessels and capillaries, thus it cannot be nourished and this prevents the formation of new hairs.

In both procedures, energy is characteristic, the purpose of which is to destroy the hair. However, with photoepilation, this light is not fully absorbed by the hair’s melanin, as it is a different wavelength and is also scattered on the skin. The risk of burnout is higher, and the efficiency is lower. In laser hair removal we are talking about selective photothermolysis, i.e. the energy is absorbed entirely by the melanin of the hair and this leads to thermal destruction of the hair follicle and permanent hair removal.

If years ago laser hair removal was associated with being an extremely painful procedure, now things are completely different. With the new generation of lasers like Prime Lase, it is not only painless, but also extremely pleasant. The device has a cooling system “cristal freeze”, which ensures maximum comfort of the skin during the procedure.

Some laser hair removal devices are not suitable during the summer sunny days and one of the reasons is the high risk of skin pigmentation. With Prime Lase this problem is minimized. Not only is there no risk of pigmentation if you follow our therapists’ instructions, but there is no need to interrupt your session during the summer. The treatments are suitable for all seasons and skin types.

The skin is made up of three layers – epidermis (outer), dermis (middle) and hypodermis (inner), with our tissues, muscles, organs and bones structured under the hypodermis. The wavelength of laser hair removal reaches only the dermis, targeting only the hair follicle and in no way reaching or affecting organs and tissues.

Already after the first procedure, a large number of hairs “fall out” between the 10th and 14th day and no new hairs sprout in their place. The idea of doing 6 to 8 treatments comes from the fact that hairs grow in phases and those that are in the growth phase are affected. The 2nd procedure should be done after about 30 to 60 days, depending on the hair and treatment area. After each subsequent procedure, the time between them increases. After the required number of treatments, a long-lasting hair removal result is achieved and maintenance is required once to twice a year.