Laser hair removal vs photoepilation

We live in the 21st century, a time when smooth skin is no longer an illusion.

Smooth skin is just a few pulses away, the question is what those pulses should be. Today I’ve decided to bring a little more clarity to laser hair removal and the IPL method – short for Intense Pulsed Light, used to remove unwanted hair.

Photoepilation is used as a synonym for IPL. I am writing this article to explain to you the similarities and differences between the two procedures, and based on what you have read, to make an informed decision about which procedure is right for you.

Evolution of hair removal

First I would like to reveal some interesting facts about hair removal
Wondering since when smooth skin is a symbol of femininity? Since ancient times, in more advanced civilizations where a beautiful body was elevated to a cult, hair removal has been an integral part of beauty treatments.

Historical data indicate that as early as in
Stone Age
cavemen used sharp stones or two sea shells as tweezers.

In ancient Egypt, women removed unwanted hair using a mixture of honey, oil and a thin cloth. That’s a lot like the modern waxing, don’t you think?

In the Roman Empire, in the time of Cleopatra and Caesar, body hair was seen as a sign of uncivilizedness. Wealthy women removed their hair with razors made of flint, tweezers, creams and stones.

In the 17th century, during the Renaissance, Queen Elizabeth I started the fashion for removing facial hair, including eyebrows.

In the 18th century, the first razor for men appeared, and in 1915, the model “Milady Decolette” was born – a razor developed specifically for women.

In the 1940s the first electric razor for women appeared, and in the 1960s the first laser hair removal was already a fact.

Similarities and differences between laser hair removal and IPL method

  • In both technologies, the wave emitted by the device is directed at the melanin (pigment) in the hair. It works on the same principle, namely heating the follicle to be able to cut off the blood supply to the hair.
  • Both methods of hair removal achieve a long-lasting effect in terms of reducing unwanted hair;
  • Without ingrown hairs, which is the result after traditionally used methods of hair removal such as razor and waxing;
  • A series of treatments are needed to permanently remove the annoying hairs, because the hairs are acted on only in the growth phase, and unfortunately at the time of performing the procedure this is not all ;
  • Hair growth is not stimulated;
  • Visible result after the first procedure (laser or photoepilation);
  • Both methods of removing unwanted hair require maintenance at least once a year.

Differences between laser hair removal and photoepilation:

  • At laser hair removal a concentrated laser beam is used, while in photoepilation a broad-spectrum visible light is used;
  • In the procedure photoepilation light is converted into heat, resulting in hair follicle is damaged, but emanations impulse not focused only on the follicle and is “sprayed” on the skin, which slows down and often hinders the result!
  • With laser hair removal, the laser beam penetrates deeply, although it covers a smaller area. The main advantage of laser hair removal is that it does not affect the skin and surrounding tissues, and the increased temperature emitted by the laser reaches only the hair follicle and destroys it;
  • The IPL skin treatment is not suitable in the summer season, and it cannot be applied on darker skin and skin with a tan, because of the higher risk of pigment spots and burning, as much of the energy is focused on the skin;
  • Laser hair removal procedures are painless and shorter in duration, unlike photoepilation, where the pain is more noticeable and the duration is longer;
  • Due to the lower precision of the photoepilation method, a greater number of treatments are required to achieve the desired result;
  • With laser hair removal, as I mentioned, there is only one wavelength of light and this is conducive to achieving flawlessly smooth skin, whereas with photoepilation there is a large range of light wavelengths, resulting in the client being subjected to additional irradiation that is not necessary.
Which is the right option for you?

We looked at the similarities and differences between the two types of hair removal treatments. Some ladies choose IPL because of the lower cost, but considering that the number of treatments in this method are more and the unnecessary radiation to which the skin is exposed, the pros are actually not so great anymore.

Ultimately, whatever hair removal method you choose, the important thing is to feel good in your skin.

Both hair removal options can be effective as long as they are performed by a qualified therapist!

And remember smooth skin is a Pulse away.

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