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The 8th of March – Women’s Day is approaching.

Time to think about a gift. Do not miss to please your wife, mother, grandmother, sister or your best friend. You can always treat yourself too. Gather the applause of others with an octogenarian makeover! If flowers have become a cliché and you are looking for something special, focus on a beauty gift – laser hair removal.

Recent studies show that about 13 million laser hair removal procedures are performed annually worldwide. This makes laser hair removal one of the top three non-surgical aesthetic procedures that patients prefer and seek out on a daily basis.

More than 56% of women plan to start laser hair removal and abandon traditional methods of removing non-feminine hair. 32.7% of people aged between 19 and 34 prefer laser hair removal to traditional hair removal methods. The procedure is also a favourite of over 40% of people aged between 35 and 50. Winter is a good season to undergo laser body hair removal. The reason is that in the colder months there is much less sun exposure than in the warmer part of the year.

Did you know that the hairs of the hair grow constantly and simultaneously, while those of the human body come out in phases. At any one time, only about 20% of hair follicles are blood-filled and hairs emerge from them. They grow up to a certain point, then fall off. Their follicles “fall asleep” and wake up the next 20%.

Laser hair removal is done when the hair is in the anagen (active) growth phase and has a root that we treat. Therefore, a complete course is usually composed of at least 6 treatments. This makes sure that all active phases of hair are caught. Facials are done every 30-45 days; torso treatments – arms, underarms, back, waist, abdomen, intimate – every 45-60 days; and leg treatments every 60-90 days. It is therefore very wrong to schedule visits roughly “once a month”.

For maximum effect, take advantage of a free consultation with our specialists before starting a laser hair removal course. They will give you the best advice on how to prepare and what to expect. Let them know if you take any medications regularly or if you use creams of a medicinal nature. With laser hair removal, ingrown and inverted hairs disappear completely. The treated area is rejuvenated after the first treatment. Herein lies the secret to the flawless skin of many Hollywood stars.

And remember! BEAUTIFUL and SMOOTH SKIN is IMPULS away!

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