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Shaving the legs is among the most hated chores a modern woman has to perform. That’s according to a study by experts at British beauty brand Escentual.

The study found that an English woman spends an average of 72 days, or a total of 1,728 hours, which is more than 2 months on this unpleasant task. Is it worth wasting time on all this? For 1 “session” removing unwanted leg hair with a razor, representatives of the female sex spend 4 minutes and do it on average 6 times a week.

Laser hair removal saves us time and money from having to constantly shave and have our skin be red, rough, hard and ingrown hairs.

Laser treatment with the GenteLasePRO medical alexandrite laser treats this problem and solves it after the first procedure.

What are the advantages of the GentleLasePRO Alexandrite laser?

Gentle Pro is the world leader among laser hair removal systems. It was created by the American company Syneron Candela, who have 20 years of experience in laser therapies. Their machines are in 86 countries around the world and about 13 million procedures are performed with them annually. They hold all safety certifications, including FDA approval.

GentleLase Pro is awarded the gold standard in laser technology, which guarantees quality and fast results in the conducted sessions.

Its wavelength is best absorbed in melanin, i.e. treatments with it are most effective.

This is the most effective laser for fair skin types.

Laser hair removal with Gentle Lase Pro is suitable for all areas: upper lip and chin, underarms, legs, intimate area, arms, back, chest, full body.

GentleLase Pro removes undercut and inverted hairs. It can also be used with a larger beam spot diameter. This allows more beams to penetrate through a larger area, refract in a specific way, whereby we also get an effect on very deeply located hairs. In this way, we eliminate subcutaneous hair and rejuvenate the overall appearance of the skin. This is the secret of the gorgeous skin of many Hollywood stars.

What is the specification of alexandrite laser?

GentleLase Pro has a wavelength of 755 nm. This makes it the undisputed leader of laser hair removal.

Gentle Lase Pro is the only laser on the market that works with the patented dynamic cooling device built into the laser tip. It sprays a very cold jet milliseconds before the laser pulse hits the hair. Thus, it cools the skin surface without disturbing the effect of the procedure.

This makes Gentle Lase Pro laser hair removal painless and safer than older alexandrite technologies.

It does not use a contact gel, as with most hair removal laser models.

How many alexandrite laser treatments do we need?

The required number of treatments is between 6 – 8. The number varies depending on gender and individual characteristics of the organism. The interval between treatments is from 30-40-60 to 90 days (depending on the treated area). The goal is to have the hairs in the anagen phase of growth.

Is the procedure effective?

The effect is observed after the first treatment and is expressed in the reduction of the number of hairs and slowing their growth in the treated area. With each subsequent procedure, the hair is reduced and thinned until it reaches complete disappearance. After the completion of the cycle of required procedures, maintenance procedures are performed once a year, as needed.

With the help of the medical alexandrite laser GentleLasePRO we enjoy year-round and affordable laser hair removal in Varna.

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