Laser hair removal in summer! Is this possible?

Do you want to get laser treatments this summer, but still have doubts whether it will harm your skin in some way? In this article we will try to answer most of the questions you are asking.

What is the first step after you have decided to make a series
laser hair removal procedures

Initially, we start with a diagnosis and consultation where we give you a wealth of information and advice about your skin type.

Laser hair removal in summer
– illusion or the truth?

With the development of technology and the entry of the new generation of systems, laser treatments in the summer have become quite possible. Elysion – Pro is one of the few devices that are suitable for treating unwanted hair even in the summer season. With it we can carry out treatments all year round, without having to interrupt the session.

When you can make
laser hair removal

In order to enjoy excellent results, it is advisable not to expose the area to be treated to the sun 3 days before and 3 days after the manipulation.

Laser hair removal
after solarium

The combination between a recent tan and laser hair removal is not suitable. In this case, it is irrelevant whether the tan is achieved in the standard way through exposure to sunlight or through a solarium.

Laser hair removal
on dark skin

If your complexion fades slowly or you have darker skin by birth, it is possible to undergo a laser hair removal procedure even in summer. With the modern generation laser hair removal devices such as the Elysion – Pro, we adjust the right amount of energy and it is perfectly safe to apply it even on darker epidermis.

What to watch after first laser hair removal procedure?

Hair follicles that are in the anagen (young, just growing hairs) phase of growth are selectively destroyed. The heat generated by the apparatus is absorbed by the hair through the pigment and conducted to the follicle, and through the higher temperature, the follicles are destroyed, their blood supply is interrupted. However, what happens is that the hairs are still in our skin, but as a result of the procedure they are pushed out as this happens between the 5th and 15th day. The maximum period for these hairs to fall out is about 2 weeks.

After the shedding period, there should be no new hairs, as we have already treated the ones that are in the growth phase. How long this period is depends on the area on which we have made llaser hair removal.

In conclusion, we can say that l
laser hair removal
in summer is quite possible, and the factors on which the final result depends are several:

  • A therapist who is willing to conduct a quality consultation and can answer your questions!
  • Observing the period between treatments!
  • Quality and certified equipment!

And what is the end result?!

  • Up to 98% hair reduction!
  • Visible result after the first procedure.
  • Laser hair removal also improves the quality of the skin, making it smoother to the touch.
  • Laser hair removal works on all skin types and puts an end to annoying hair in all seasons, even in summer!

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