Does laser hair removal in the intimate area hurt?

Today I’m going to have a feminine chat and try to debunk all the false rumors you’ve heard about
laser hair removal in the intimate area
When I said feminine I can’t help but think of this verse:

“Being a woman is pain.

When you become a girl – it hurts,

When you become beloved – it hurts.

When you become a mother – it hurts.

But the most unbearable on earth

is the pain of being a woman who has not known all these pains

to one…”


Blaga Dimitrova

The question here is whether it is necessary to have pain at
laser hair removal
Do we have to apply the maxims “Splurge for beauty!” or “Beauty requires sacrifice…”?

First to clarify that лlaser hair removal is a process in which emitted light is absorbed only by the pigment melanin, which is found in the hair follicle, and thus destroys the follicles to stop their growth.

So… let’s get to the point! Do the following associations come to your mind – laser hair removal pain?

Now I’ll tell you exactly what you can expect. The intimate area is an extremely delicate part of the female body and laser hair removal should be performed in an aesthetic center by proven professionals.

The good news is that the equipment we work with in Laser Studio “Impulse” is of an extremely high class(laser Elysion – Pro). The device for laser hair removal is equipped with a very good cooling system and during the procedure there is no pain, but a slight “poking” and warming, which is absolutely tolerable.

It is possible that laser hair removal of the intimate area itself is associated with some discomfort, but in no case can we talk about severe and unbearable pain.

Can there be side effects after laser hair removal in the intimate area?

Every body reacts differently to laser hair removal. Swelling or redness of the skin may be observed in the first hours after the procedure and sensitivity ѝ to rise. However, all this is short-lived and has no relation to the results of the procedure.

What to avoid after laser hair removal procedures?

The most important rule is not to expose the treated area to the sun or solarium for at least 3 days before and 3 days after the procedure. Avoid swimming pools, hot tubs, steam rooms and sauna to limit the likelihood of skin irritations.

In conclusion, I will answer 2 very important questions related to laser hair removal in the intimate area:

Does laser hair removal harm the ovaries in women?

It is impossible for the impulse to reach any internal organ! The technology of the laser is designed so that the light is transformed into heat and it actually reaches and destroys the hair bulb.

Can laser hair removal prevent pregnancy?

There is no evidence to suggest that laser hair removal can directly or indirectly cause infertility due to the specifics of the technology. Since the pulse is extremely weak, it cannot in any way affect the ovaries, uterus or any other internal organ.

Laser hair removal in the intimate area is an extremely effective and painless method of removing unwanted hair and as a result you can enjoy beautiful and gentle and smooth skin for a long period of time.

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