It’s summer ! Want to feel comfortable in a swimsuit on the beach?

We all dream of smooth and soft skin, especially on hot days, but the question is “How to remove unwanted hair?Today we will talk about removing hair from an extremely delicate female area – the bikini line.

The options here are many such as using an epilator, razor, waxing, cream depilatory, but all these ways have a short-term effect and the result is often rough skin, darker and ingrown hairs.

What to do then?

A permanent, effective and painless solution for removing unwanted hair can be found in the bikini laser hair removal method, which treats the hair follicle directly.

Is it possible to apply this method to one of the most tender areas – the bikini line?

This part of the body is extremely delicate to epilate and very often succumbs to irritation, but the good news is that with the new generation laser hair removal device Elysion – Pro we can attack the hair in the anagen phase (growth phase), even during the summer season. The pulses of the laser are absorbed by the melanin of the hair and are taken to the root, which is destroyed by strong heating without any harmful effects on the surrounding tissues.

How to prepare for laser hair removal on bikini area?

Don’t expose the area you want to treat to direct sunlight and don’t visit a tanning bed, as your skin colour should be as close to natural as possible. The hairs you wish to remove from the bikini area should not be plucked with tweezers, waxed or removed with epilators for at least 20 days prior to laser hair removal. Two or three days before the procedure, remove the hairs with a razor or depilatory cream.

When can I see the effect of laser hair removal on bikini area?

The result is visible after the first procedure, as most of the hairs fall out and the rest become thinner.

How many procedures are needed to permanently remove hair from the bikini area?

The average number is between 4 and 6, the specific figure depends on the phase of hair growth in the bikini area, skin color, hormonal balance of the woman.

When should I have another procedure?

Usually the interval between treatments is between 3 and 5 weeks, and the moment you need to remove hair every 2-3 days is the right time to contact your therapist to book an appointment for your next treatment. It is very important to observe the periods so that the desired effect can be achieved with a minimum number of treatments.

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