It’s time to break the myths about laser hair removal

I’m Didi, one of the founders of Studio Impulse. I would like to share with you some of my knowledge about Laser Hair Removal, acquired through numerous trainings as well as through personal and professional experience.

We have all heard various myths about laser hair removal. They are passed on by word of mouth without any scientific justification, and many people make the mistake of forming their choices based solely on them. It’s time to bust these myths the best way we can – by listening to the facts, not the rumours.

5 myths about laser hair removal that create misconceptions about permanent hair removal procedures;

    • Myth 1 Laser hair removal is harmful to the skin;
    • Myth 2 Laser hair removal is not very effective;
    • Myth 3 Hair should not be shaved before hair removal;
    • Myth 4 It is not important with which device the laser procedures are performed;
    • Myth 5 Results are achieved slowly.

Laser hair removal harms the skin

Laser hair removal is harmful to the skin – you’ve probably heard it many times, and so have we… In order to convince yourself that this myth is not true, we’ll tell you the principle on which laser hair removal technology works.

The key lies in infrared light, which is absorbed by the body thanks to melanin. Melanin is contained in dark hairs, and it is the reason why they are most affected by laser treatments. Infrared light then penetrates the follicles of the hairs in the form of heat and dries them. In this completely harmless way, the problem of unwanted hair is solved and you enjoy smooth and beautiful skin.

Whether laser hair removal harms a woman you can draw your own conclusions that the answer is NO!

Laser hair removal is not very effective

It is important to know that the number of laser treatments needed varies from person to person. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you first undergo a diagnosis with a specialist who will advise you on how many treatments will be necessary for your skin.

Successful laser hair removal depends on several factors – it is important to conduct the procedure during a period when the hairs are in active growth. This will guarantee you much better results and a long lasting effect that will last for years.

It should not be forgotten that the colour of the hairs also matters – those with a dark colour are best affected. An added plus is if the skin is light and they are black or dark.

In case your skin is darker and your hair lighter – then you will need a bit more treatments. However, this should not discourage you because technology is constantly evolving. One of the most innovative diode lasers for hair removal, “Elysion”, with which we work, is able to remove unwanted hair from almost any skin type (from 1st to 6th phototype according to the Fitzpatrick scale). In short, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy smooth and beautiful skin without unwanted hair.

Before hair removal, the hair should not be shaved.

This myth not only does not correspond to the truth, but completely contradicts it. On the contrary – the hairs should be smoothly shaved before the laser procedure. In no case should you remove them with an epilator or waxing, because laser hair removal will not be successful.

Many women are embarrassed by the thought of having to shave off the hairs before the laser procedure because it will make them more numerous, stiff and stubborn. The truth is that there is no way for the hairs to become more, it is only possible that their stem will become thicker, but considering that laser hair removal will completely remove them from the root – there is nothing to worry about. The hairs won’t just get bigger and coarser, they’ll disappear. You’ll find that your skin has become smoother, softer and gentler to the touch.

laser hair removal harms and contraindications

It is not important with what device the laser procedures are performed

This is yet another misconception instilled by studios that offer cheap treatments and leave clients disappointed. In view of our many years of experience, we at Impulse Studio have to admit to you that quality laser hair removal devices that will provide long-lasting and effective results are really expensive and cannot be found in every salon.

It is for this reason that home devices could also hardly give the same satisfying results as the procedures in a professional studio. The reason is that very often they only manage to heat the hairs so that they fall out, but not to achieve their permanent removal.

We have already explained exactly how infrared light penetrates in the form of heat to the hair follicle and dries it. The better the laser, the faster this process will take place, and the hair problem is solved in the long run.

The best in this respect are the lasers developed with the Spanish technology “Elysion”, which we also use because we are convinced that our customers deserve the best and beauty does not tolerate compromise.

Laser hair removal results are achieved slowly

There is still a myth that multiple visits to the studio are necessary and results are slow to come. The truth is that with quality laser hair removal, you will get visible results after the first treatment. The hairs in active growth will be affected almost immediately, and after a few more treatments, depending on your skin type, you’ll be rid of unpleasant hairs for good. Certainly, the procedures in a laser studio give a much faster and visible result than alternative ways of hair removal, which you can do yourself at home.

You already know how far from the truth are most of the myths about laser hair removal that you have heard. However, the best way to bust myths is personal experience. That is why we suggest that you check for yourself by making an appointment with us at tel. 0884138105 or and trust our experience and the state-of-the-art technology we work with. Like anything in life – beauty is also achieved, and you deserve it!