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In the last decade, more and more men are interested in their appearance. Statistics show that one of the most common procedures undergone is laser hair removal.

The number of men seeking laser hair removal procedures has increased by 85% in the last year.
Male hair removal
is no longer a taboo but a trend. The reasons men share are that hair removal makes them feel cleaner, sexier and also improves the appearance of muscles. What’s more, a third of men believe that hair removal makes them more popular with the opposite sex.

Contrary to the fashion of unshaven beards, however, gentlemen want to maintain smoothly shaven bodies. An American survey shows that most often the representatives of the stronger sex want to remove hair on the back, chest and shoulders. There are other areas where this method can be particularly effective, such as the underarms, ears and nose, summarises the Jewel Skin aesthetic medicine clinic. Quite a few also use laser treatment to remove facial and beard hair. It’s also seen as a longer-lasting and more effective way to get rid of body hair for good, and why bother with the downsides of shaving (like razor bumps and irritations) when you can get the convenience of smooth skin around the clock?

Hair removal in the past

Hair removal or epilation methods have been applied since ancient times.
In more advanced civilizations, where there was also a cult of beautiful and healthy body, epilation was an integral part of cosmetic procedures. It is a myth that this is a recent fashion. It’s just that the causes, the areas and especially the methods have changed dramatically over the centuries.

In 1760, Jean-Jacques Perret created the first straight razor (in the shape of the letter L) – at this stage for men only. With the European settlers, the fashion for hair removal was carried over to the United States. It was there in 1844 that Dr. Felix Gouraud invented his powder (or epilating cream, the forerunner of “Veit”). He claims it removes “the fuzz above the upper lip”.

The process of depilation of intimate areas in men reaches us from the East. Men of Ancient Greece removed their hair to become like those gods who stand in the form of stone statues. And the main thing with gladiators is smooth skin, which emphasizes their muscles and strength.

Why men are increasingly choosing laser hair removal as a way of hair removal?

Cola mask is a painful procedure. which more and more gentlemen are realizing they don’t have to inflict on themselves. Shaving the legs and arms removes hair in too short a time, which also does not make it a good option. Thus, more and more men choose laser hair removal as the most suitable procedure for removing unwanted hair. It is painless and permanent. Can be applied to any part of the body in any season.

The laser is equipped with an additional cooling system to ensure maximum comfort. Side effects of laser hair removal are kept to a minimum.

What else should we know about laser hair removal for men?

Men can treat any part of their body, the only exception is the eye area.

Preparation for laser hair removal in men

No special preparation is needed for the procedure of laser hair removal for men. They only need to shave the desired training area a few hours before the sessionso that the laser destroys the hair follicles under the skin, not the hair on top. They should not expose themselves to the sun or visit a solarium until 3 days before the procedure.

They should not use alcohol-containing products for at least three days before a procedure and should not deflower with a method other than a razor for at least a month before.

No medications or supplements that increase the photosensitivity of the skin should be taken 7 to 10 days before laser hair removal (this side effect is reflected on the packaging, but we still recommend consulting a specialist).

Laser hair removal is not used on areas with tattoos, pigmentations and moles – a cosmetic patch is placed on them, which allows their protection and seamless treatment of all areas around


Irritated, sore, dry or peeling skin should not undergo laser hair removal.

Recommendations after laser hair removal procedures

Skin care after the procedure is important for Bour safety and comfort, as well as for the success of laser hair removal. Follow these tips:

  • 3 days after the procedure no should be exposedthey sunbathing, and the use of a high factor sunscreen is recommended afterwards.
  • 3 days after the procedure no should acceptthey hot bath, do not use the sauna.
  • 3 days after the procedure no should visitе pools with chlorinated water.
  • 3 days after the procedure, no should wipeе the hair removal area with alcohol-containing agents.
  • In the days after the procedure it is good to wear wide clothes.
  • Swimming pools and hot tubs should be avoided to limit the likelihood of exposing sensitive post-session skin to bacteria.

Ask the therapists in the studio about anything that is bothering you.

What should I expect after a laser procedure?

Already after the first procedure, some of the hair bulbs die and the rest atrophy, which is outwardly manifested by thinning of the hair shafts, slowing their growth and scaling.

Why do men have more hair than women?

Excessive hair in men is most often caused by very high testosterone levels. Thicker hair in some specific areas compared to others is due to the amount of hormone in the blood. Ethnicity, age, and gene are also of great importance in male pattern hair.

What is the duration of a laser procedure?

The duration depends mostly on the area being treated. Extremely powerful lasers have the ability to operate at an increased pulse rate, making the procedure fast and saving time for each client. For example, hair removal of the chin, armpits, sideburns, neck lasts about 10 minutes, for the groin it takes 20 minutes. Laser hair removal of the breasts, buttocks and abdomen takes 15 minutes. Back epilation lasts about 30 minutes, full legs 35 minutes and full arms -25 minutes.

If you have further questions, you can always consult the best Laser Hair Removal Studio in Varna – Impulse.

Are you ready for laser hair removal

Here’s how to start the process and get the best results possible:

  • Schedule a consultation with a licensed laser specialist.
  • Follow the recommendations to prepare for your first session.
  • Follow the advice of skin care specialists after laser hair removal. This will minimize side effects and enjoy the best results.

And if you’ve undergone laser hair removal and no longer have to spend so many hours of your life getting your hair removed, you can find time for a new sport, reading… and doing more of the things you love.

To find out if laser hair removal is your procedure book an appointment for a free consultation with Impulse's therapists