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There are many methods of removing unwanted hair. The most common way of hair removal in men is shaving with a razor or razor. But it can have quite a few consequences. The hair after shaving quickly grows back and becomes sharp. It is also very common for so-called “inverted hairs” or pimples and other growths to appear on the skin. That is why laser hair removal is becoming the preferred method for dealing with hair.

A few years ago, actor George Clooney prompted millions of men in the US to have laser hair removal after he joked on a TV show that he had done the procedure on his bikini area.

What does the survey show?

Have you calculated how many hours men spend shaving their face, back or chest? At first glance, it seems like thousands of hours. According to studies, 90% of all men in adulthood shave at least once a day, and it has also been estimated that they will shave at least 20,000 times in their lifetime. What a waste of time!

Until recently, laser hair removal was accepted as a procedure primarily for women. It turns out that men spend 13% more money than women on this procedure. New research shows that the proportion of men undergoing laser hair removal has increased by 46% in recent years. This makes it the second most popular non-invasive therapy among men worldwide. The first is Botox.

32.7% of people aged between 19 and 34 prefer laser hair removal to traditional methods. The procedure is also a favorite of more than 40% of people between the ages of 35 and 50, according to a study by Candela, a global leader in lasers for aesthetic procedures.

Why do men prefer laser hair removal?

  • Painless method, after which there are no hairs and the skin remains smooth for weeks.
  • Men choose laser hair removal because they don’t waste time shaving every day.
  • Men prefer it because it can be done on the whole body. Through laser hair removal they emphasize their athletic figure. The relief on the body stands out in its full glory on every part of the body.
  • Shaving causes heating and sweating. This problem is again handled by laser hair removal. Men feel fresh, they have no feeling of itching and irritations on the skin. The biggest emotion it evokes – a pleasant feeling of smooth and soft skin on the male body.
  • Laser hair removal is a quick and relatively painless method of removing unwanted hair for a long time and after only a few treatments. Usually with a course of 6 to 10 treatments you can get rid of hair in the treated area for a very long time. The result depends on the individual characteristics of each person such as hair and skin color, hormones, age of the client, depth of hair follicle (hair bulb) placement, regular attendance of sessions, how the therapist performs the treatment, etc.
  • Successfully tackles ingrown and inverted hairs – a common problem with waxing and epilating.
  • Eliminates the possibility of pimples or pigmentation on the skin, something that happens with frequent shaving.
  • The skin is not injured. Because of the light source of the laser, hair removal has a rejuvenating effect. After laser hair removal, the skin in the treated area becomes smoother.
  • Even sensitive areas can be successfully treated with laser without any worry.
  • Laser hair removal saves a lot of money in the long run that you would otherwise spend on waxing, razors and epilators.
  • It saves a lot of time, which is invaluable in the hectic everyday life.

What are the most desirable areas for laser hair removal in men?

Men can treat any part of their body, the only exception is the eye area. Some of the most popular areas to process are:

Hair removal
hands and back

Men admit that it is the hair on their back that bothers them the most. To use a wax mask is painful, and the razor does not give a good result. The place is also uncomfortable to tackle without help. In practice, it is difficult to cope alone without help. Therefore, in this case, a convenient and long-lasting solution is laser hair removal. Men do not need help from others and do not need to engage in this activity anymore.

Hair removal
breast and abdomen

This is the most preferred area for laser hair removal work. Men are more attracted to smooth skin, or they just want to show off the musculature they have achieved. Especially in the summer months is an exceptional solution. In this case, they are motivated entirely by health, but do not neglect the aesthetic pluses. Eliminating discomfort with laser hair removal would improve any man’s self-confidence.

Neck and beard hair removal with laser hair removal

Some men go through the neck with a curling iron until it’s time for a hairdresser. But not everyone manages to cope and choose laser hair removal as an effective solution. They feel fresher and save shaving. It is also the best method for permanently shaping the beard and saves money and time on barber.

Other desirable areas for laser hair removal in men are: nose, ears, cheekbones, crotch, underarms, bottom, buttocks, fingers. Every part of the body is reachable with laser hair removal. Sometimes the aim is not to completely remove unwanted hair, but only to thin it. In these cases, this is the only method. Men have darker and thicker hairs, which are the easiest to process and the procedures are successful.

Contraindications to laser hair removal for men:

  • special sensitivity to laser exposure
  • oncological diseases
  • chronic diseases in the acute phase
  • diabetes
  • infectious diseases
  • predisposition to the development of keloid scars

Laser hair removal can drastically reduce and eliminate hair, and in addition improve the skin condition. Besides it will add more confidence and self-esteem in the man, her can give a whole new perspective to his social life.

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