Diode or Alexandrite laser – which one to choose?

Everyone has the right to experience the freedom and comfort that smooth skin brings. This can only be achieved with laser hair removal procedures by opting for a diode or alexandrite laser. There are many lasers: neodymium (nd yag), ruby, diode, alexandrite. The most commonly used are the alexandrite and diode devices. They are designed for different skin types. And before proceeding to the procedure, it is advisable to find out more about them.

Alexandrite and diode lasers differ from each other in the working (active) medium.

What is the active medium of the laser? How do alexandrite and diode laser work?

This is one of the main components of any laser machine. The active medium converts the electrical voltage into a laser beam. It increases the luminous flux.

In the diode laser the working medium is the diode plates, in the alexandrite laser it is the crystal.

The name of the active medium determines the name of the laser.

If the active medium is ruby, the laser is a ruby laser, if it is neodymium – a neodymium laser.

The active medium of the alexandrite laser is the mineral alexandrite. It is a type of chrysoberyl with an admixture of chromium. It changes colour in different light. For the production of lasers, the mineral is produced artificially.

There are no minerals in diode lasers. Their working fluid consists of two layers of stacked semiconductor materials. The active substance is gallium arsenide.

How does wavelength affect laser efficiency?

The wavelength of the alexandrite laser is 755 nm and that of the diode laser is 808 nm.

The longer the wavelength, the deeper the beam penetrates the tissue. This means that the diode laser reaches melanin and hemoglobin, and the alexandrite laser reaches melanin.

The depth of the hair follicle varies – some follicles are located superficially, others deeper.

For which skin phototypes are the two lasers suitable - diode or alexandrite laser?

Diode lasers are suitable for all skin phototypes, i.e. even for dark-skinned people or those with a serious complexion. They are relatively effective on thick and dark hairs and not so effective on finer and thinner ones. 

The wavelength of 808 nm is absorbed less, but penetrates deeper and removes hairs that have not even grown to the surface of the skin. Actually we can’t see them yet, but they are there and the laser will remove them. 

The Alexandrite laser is the fastest and most suitable for larger areas. It is the so-called “heavy artillery” of laser hair removal.

TheAlexandrite laser is suitable for lighter skin types. But it is not recommended for dark.

It is ideal for those who have skin types I, II, III to IV. These are people without a tan who have little melanin in their skin. The Alexandrite laser is  effective on finer and thinner hairs.

If the patient is fair-skinned, they may not see a difference in the end result between the effects of the two lasers. Hairs fall out in a similar manner and do not grow back for years. The rate at which new hairs appear in the treated area depends on the individual characteristics of the organism.

диоден или александритен лазер - кой да изберем?

What is the difference in diode laser and alexandrite for the customer?

With alexandrite hair removal, you walk out of the office with smooth skin, as the laser will destroy any existing hairs. During the procedure, you may smell burnt hair.

With the diode laser there is no unpleasant smell, and after about 10 days, the dead hairs fall out by themselves.

With diode lasers, a gel is applied to the treatment area.

The alexandrite laser procedures are the fastest, because with it the treated area does not need to be treated a second time, there is no need to apply gel and thus saves valuable time of the client.

How does it feel during laser hair removal?

The procedures offered by our laser hair removal studio in Varna are quick and practically painless. An important advantage of lasers is the presence of a special cooling system that protects the skin from heating. This significantly reduces the sensation of pain during the procedure. After it, a slight redness may appear, which disappears within 5-10 minutes after treatment. Compared to waxing, laser hair removal is a noticeably more comfortable, effective and quick procedure.

Important conclusions about diode or alexandrite laser

It is impossible to say exactly which laser is better – alexandrite or diode! With both types of lasers you can achieve excellent results.

It is important to note that the choice of laser depends on the individual needs and goals of the patient.

It is highly recommended that you consult with a specialist prior to a procedure with one of these lasers to help you determine which is better for you.

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