What is oxygen mesotherapy and what are its benefits?

Oxygen mesotherapy is a completely painless procedure that is suitable for both sexes. It does not use needles like regular mesotherapy and this is one of the significant differences between the two procedures.

What is oxygen mesotherapy and what are its benefits?

This is a procedure that has been developed based on pure oxygen, which is obtained without further application of chemistry. The therapy also includes various natural ingredients and vitamins that are in a liposomal structure and thus reach the deeper layers of the skin. The aim is to improve cell metabolism, and the procedure itself further increases the flow of oxygen to the cells.

How can oxygen mesotherapy help and when is it recommended?

The purpose of this type of procedure, which is done in a cosmetic studio by professionals, is to reduce existing inflammation on the skin, as well as free radicals caused by stress and the influence of other internal and external factors. In addition to this, the procedure slows down the aging process, erases acne scars and enlarged pores.

The other positive side of this type of mesotherapy is that it can be applied at any age in order to refresh, rejuvenate and maintain firm skin on the face, neck and décolleté.

In everyday life, our skin is exposed to various factors that make it more relaxed or cause the appearance of the first wrinkles. The most detrimental to our skin is stress. It is the main cause of the loss of radiance, skin elasticity and the appearance of the first wrinkles. This can affect the self-esteem of any man or woman, but oxygen mesotherapy is a long-lasting solution to this problem with excellent results.

The therapy has a relaxing and smoothing effect. With the very first treatment, the skin is fresher, more hydrated and has a more youthful appearance. With it, you can remove some types of scars and clear up a lot of imperfections you don’t like, even if you’ve had them for years. The overall effect on the skin is a rejuvenating effect that lasts after the procedure. The end result is a completely transformed and new skin to give you a boost of confidence.

How does oxygen mesotherapy work?

As you age, your skin needs extra care to hydrate, nourish and enrich it with oxygen, nutrients, amino acids and other beneficial ingredients. Due to advancing age, atmospheric conditions and lifestyle, cells receive less and less nutrients. This applies to the body as a whole, but is most evident in the skin, which is also the largest organ in the human body.

Generally speaking, the integrity of the epidermis and its ability to regenerate is compromised. Sleep deprivation and poor eating habits also have an impact. The skin begins to lose its elasticity, dark circles under the eyes, spots and wrinkles appear.

Oxygen mesotherapy can be your solution to all these problems, even in old age. Through it, the deepest layers of the skin are supplied with oxygen using a high-pressure oxygen jet. In this way the circulation itself is stimulated.

The procedure can be useful for problematic and oily skin, which is most often accompanied by acne. No needles are used for the procedure, but high pressure. It also delivers hyaluronic acid to the cells, which also has regenerating properties.

Briefly, we can summarize the benefits of the procedure as follows:

  • High oxygen levels in the skin.
  • Powerful Antioxidant
  • Helps fill in fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Tightens and gives elasticity to the skin.
  • A radiant complexion that restores a youthful appearance.
  • Hydrates in depth and delivers hyaluronic acid and vitamin complex to the cells.

How does oxygen mesotherapy work?

Above we briefly mentioned what the benefits of the procedure are and in what cases you can apply it. However, we will now look in more detail at how mesotherapy works on specific problems.


It is a consequence of increased sebum formation. As a result, the so-called “plugs” of the hair follicle are formed and the painfully familiar pimples are formed. The purpose of the oxygen influx is to disrupt the cell membrane of the organisms and thus control the inflammatory reaction.


This is a disease characterized by a violation of blood vessels and manifests itself by reddening of the skin with a sharp change in temperature, alcohol use, emotions or an increase in blood pressure. Also, it can be provoked by the growth of microorganisms, which are suppressed by the influx of oxygen, and inflammation and the subsidence of symptoms are reduced.

Ageing skin

Most often it is caused by a decrease in metabolism, slowed metabolism, and cellular energy. Oxygen mesotherapy also increases the synthesis of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which is responsible for all processes in the body.

Oxygen mesotherapy is not recommended for open wounds, persistent autoimmune diseases that interfere with the recovery of the body, various neurological diseases, high blood pressure, various cardiovascular diseases, kidney failure.

It does not matter the time or season when you want to do the procedure. It is performed on-site at a beauty studio and then you continue with your daily activities. There is no need for a change in habits or more special care of the skin itself after applying oxygen mesotherapy.

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Oxygen mesotherapy and its benefits

Oxygen mesotherapy and its benefits

What is oxygen mesotherapy and what are its benefits?

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